Where did all the time go?

It’s draining away…time to use the plunger

As of now, we don’t have time to shop, so we order online. We don’t have time to cook, so we go to KFC and MacDonald’s or buy pre-packed meals. We don’t have time to go to the gym, so we have to buy exercise machines that, contrary to all logic, can do all the work of an hour long work-out in five minutes. We don’t have the time to bother with the hassle of choosing our own phone service, insurance or car. So we have websites do it for us. We don’t have time to do housework, so we spray a bit Febreeze around, because smelling good is almost like being clean. We don’t even have time to do our own tax, so we let the government do it for us, online. Because they’re so trustworthy.

At least that’s all the hassle out of the way. Tax, cooking, working-out, shopping, finances. Leaving you free to enjoy your leisure time, right?


We don’t have time to socialise, so we need facebook and twitter to keep up with the friends we’re too busy to see. And of course no dating, no time for that. Better use match.com to find that special someone. We don’t have time to stay in, so we need an HD DVR to record all the TV programs we’ll never have time to watch.

We are constantly being told by television ads just how damn busy we all are…what the hell are we all doing with our lives?

Writing blogs, I guess.


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