From within? Or go without?

What helps you push through it?

Writing is really hard. We all know this, the heaving mass of triers. Maybe it’s not manual-labour, aching muscles hard. Not studying medicine, fevered brain cells hard. Not even air-traffic controller, crazy high pressure hard. But it’s still hard. I think it’s the loneliness of it. It’s hard on the spirit. Piles of rejection letters don’t help, but e-mail has at least saved paper in that regard.

This started as a response to a post on a blog I follow. This one here. Why do we write, she asked. I answered but my answer turned into another question.

Why do we carry on writing? What helps you push on? When you sit back and that awful moment of what feels like clarity washes over your eyes. When the little voice says “This is shit and I’ve wasted my time.” When you’ve sat, for hours, with a blank page and a blank mind a blinking cursor mocking you with it’s patience…what’s stopped you quitting altogether?

I’m not being rhetorical, I’m seriously asking for input. Maybe to be truly creative you need to either go without affirmation or learn to make your own. And maybe navel-gazing blog-posts are no way to do that, they’re much easier than novels though.


4 thoughts on “From within? Or go without?

  1. Writing means you have something to say. Sometimes the process is smooth, words are your allies, your brain sets up a fast pace that sometimes the fingers can’t keep up to. When this doesn’t happen and you’re looking for hours at a blank page, maybe it’s time to give it a rest. Maybe it’s time to put it all aside and let your creativity take a break. What makes you go on? The fact that you have something to say and haven’t said it yet. The fact that it won’t let you rest until you’ve said it or written it. From within, absolutely, but also as an exercise. After all, writing isn’t merely a hobby, but something that you want to get better at, if you’re serious about it.


  2. Of course we all go through our less-than-productive stages, and when I do, what gets me going again, is simply the thought that if I keep at it, maybe one day hundreds or even thousands of people will come to read and enjoy the words that I have written, and the pictures I have painted with them. It’s hope for publication and recognition that keeps me writing, that and a basic, yet deep, love for the craft, and my enjoyment at seeing my own words thoughts, and creations on paper.


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