Birth of a Notion: Flash Fiction Sundays

“Keep calm” and “write” in the same sentence feels weird.

In light of the fact I haven’t updated in a while, and considering the effort it takes to make dry cynicism and moralistic preaching even semi-readable, I’m trying something new. Something to help me settle into a routine and keep my creative clock-work from winding down during Autumn weekends where all I really want to think about is how the Patriots are going to do on Sunday. “Something new” is a self-aggrandising term. “Something stolen” would be much more more accurate. I’m initiating the not-even-slightly-original idea of posting a short flash-fiction on a weekly basis, working on the theory that any sort of obligation, even a self-imposed one, will be good for me in the end.

Tomorrow could easily be the only time I do this. If that’s the case, be good sports and don’t rub it in.


11 thoughts on “Birth of a Notion: Flash Fiction Sundays

  1. A wonderful idea. I’d tried doing a book discussion every week on my blog, but being that I didn’t get much feedback from my readers, I’ve quit doing them. And somehow I’ve gotten more followers (though it could just be that I started the discussions when my blog was new and now it’s been around a couple months). Recently I’ve been trying to come up with an idea to get more content on my blog, because there’s only so much you can write about writing.
    I wish you luck with your flash fiction, and look forward to reading it.


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