On some level, as through the 20th century people tried to make art inclusive, talent and craft became frowned upon as old fashioned and elitist.


Maybe it’s sadly symbolic of the shallowness of modern values….I mean, shouldn’t sincerity be taken for granted? If someone says something, tries to impart a message, the default setting should be that they mean it. Right?


Add to that, that to praise one artists sincerity is to assume a dishonesty in others that is never explicitly stated. It’s a compliment without an opposite in that regard. No one can say this poem or that novel isn’t “sincere”…so people use it as universal praise. Which makes it meaningless.

The Work Stands

A message (reportedly) to students: “Craft is nothing. Sincerity is everything.” How can that be? Minus adequate, proper construction–exercising control–how long can the work hold out? Craft is the bracing. Are we not talking about poetry (any serious writing) as a fine art?

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This deserves reblog after reblog….fantastic piece. Suck in the wisdom and move on, the richer for it.



It all starts with a different perspective, an understanding that you are, in some way, the Other.

Maybe it starts when your mother, then the thrall of your two-year-old whims, reads the same five books to you every day for three months on end. Pre-school is a better option, the psychiatrist says. How soon can he get in?

Maybe it starts in kindergarten when you raise your hand and tell the teacher you’re disgusted with being forced to read baby books that contain just one word per page. Red, green, doggy, kitty, who gives a shit? When are we going to read real books? you demand to know.

To which your wonderful, inspiring teacher replies, You can’t read real books.

So you pull the biggest book you can find off the shelf and prove her wrong.

Maybe it starts in the library where your teachers now allow you to go…

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