28 days later…blog neglect in the new year.

....not from the dead. Obvioulsy.

….not actually from the dead. Obvioulsy.

Picture says all that needs to be said. I’m back. I’m sure all seven of the lost souls who turn to this page for what we’ll charitably call “entertainment” are getting over excited and/or attention from the day-nurse as we speak. Double dose meds time.

I got distracted. Birthday, Christmas, New Year. The dissolution of what a kind (or deluded) person would call “a relationship”. And football. A lot of football. Keeping up with the NFL from a few time-zones away messes with your rhythms. The play-offs started ( Go Patriots! Woot!) and I found myself overwhelmed with a delightful selection of excuses to do anything but write.

And “anything but write” is precisely what I did. But I’m done feeling sorry for myself being distracted now. I have ideas…a few e-rants of the disempowered are brewing away (don’t even get me started on Zero Dark Thirty)

Anyway:Just a quick post today to try and get back into a routine. Time ran away with me, my blog finally paid the ransom.


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