Kong is King!


A new post, at last! I know that both of the people who read this blog will be absolutely thrilled. I’ve been busy writing various things, and have neglected the blog rather, sorry to everyone. I know you missed it.

Anyway, this is just a quick self promotional post (cheesy, I know, but it’s my blog so shut up.) I have co-written a show, with my brothers, that will be running all week at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It’s called King Kong: The Musical. Here is our official synopsis:

The year is 1935. Five years since Kong died in the streets of New York City, but Carl Denham, the man who discovered him, has not forgotten. Through hardship and rejection he has striven to tell the true story of what happened that day to a world that only wants to forget.

This is Denham’s show. Together with his small troupe of devoted performers he strives for the final chance to make the glory of Kong live again…

The show’s official web-site is here: KingKongtheMusical.net and you can buy tickets here and here.

So…Knock yourselves out!

Also, feel free to follow us on facebook and/or twitter.

Hope to see you there.

Regards, CJC


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